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Thermal Image Solutions

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Discover more about any property or equipment. See inside your walls and beyond!
Thermal Imaging is a new non-destructive method of detecting mold, moisture, weaknesses in insulation, piping and electrical circuits, roofing issues. Services also include diagnostics of window and door problems, in wall studs, piping, wiring. The tools we use to diagnose electric circuits and equipment can help find a faulty GFCI, overloaded or faulty breakers, equipment that consumes more energy than what it is rated for and predict failure. This technology can also be used to localize piping and pipe clogging, critters behind your walls and ceilings, evaluate HVAC efficiency, thermal and air leaks, R insulation values. We do a thorough inspection of homes, offices and equipment, and then provide comprehensive view of issues, quality overview, energy evaluation, and suggestions for preventative maintenance backed by imaging and measurement documentation.
Each scan provides you with a detailed engineering report that even includes a computation of dollar savings if the owner completes properly the suggested corrections. Our Company is here to help you save money, support troubleshooting, prevent failures, evaluate structural integrity, backup remodeling projects or just for building quality control. We are in no means a replacement for a building inspector, but provide completely independent and qualified engineering aid to inspections and building diagnostics. We use high tech equipment and tools are used and operated by ITC Certified engineers.
We help you check quality when purchasing or renting a building, remodeling, troubleshooting.
We find the weak spots where heating or air conditioning escapes your residence or business.
We help prevent failures long before they would occur.

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Thermal Image Solutions
Last Modified: September 17, 2013