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Karen Weihs

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Karen WeihsKaren Weihs creates luminous oil paintings form her home studio in Cashiers, just 3 miles form the crossroads of the town on Laurel Knob Road. She has been at her easel for 25 years creating luminous landscapes and intuitive playful images out of her mind. She wrote a book called "Out of My Mind, life lessons of an oil painter,” to share this with students and collectors.
She shows her works at John Collette Fine Art in Highlands and the Catbird Seat in Cashiers. She teaches regularly at the Bascom Museum in Highlands as well as other places in the US. Karen goes outdoors en plein air, or outside to paint from life. When not outside painting from life, and when she feels like she wants to go out of her mind, she creates in the studio some colorful, playful landscapes. She calls these her "folly” paintings. From field to folly, she like both styles of painting. The large colorful paintings always have a part of what she has seen out in the field.
She says about these, "As an oil painter and colorist, I love to create images that depict endless visual space. Forsaking all details, I conjure patterns of light, air and reflection that feel ethereal and diffused. Layered pigments, contrasting colors and geometric shapes breathe life into my images, and while my landscapes are minimal in representational content, I find viewers often see the familiar in the abstract.

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Portfolio: Photo Galery
Located: 889 Laurel Knob Road, Cashiers, North Carolina 28717
Phone: 828-226-4024
Last Modified: January 15, 2014